Rotary Walking for Water International

Walking for Water is an awareness and fundraising campaign for children aged 10+ who participate through schools and supported by local Rotary clubs to take to the streets and raise money and awareness for clean water and sanitation.Rotarians in the Netherlands and UK have teamed up with Aqua for All and Akvo to organize Rotary Walking for Water International (#RWWI), and now Rotarians from around the world are invited to participate. Walking for Water is a great fundraising formula for a Rotary club to get involved in water and sanitation projects, the third “Rotary Area of Focus” within the Future Vision program of Rotary International and The Rotary Foundation. It can best described as a network of like minded Rotary clubs motivated to raise awareness in their community by engaging school children and local businesses to participate during the weeks around 22 March each year (World Water Day).

Start planning your club’s participation in Walking for Water 2014. Join us!

Invitation to Rotary clubs from around the world
If you are a Rotarian interested in adopting this formula, there is a network of clubs in Europe with experience that would like to help. Please contact us here. You can also contact us through facebook.

Featured Video’s and Photo’s

Walking for Water Canterbury 2011 Promo for Rotary Walking for Water (May 2011)
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Why? What are the benefits for a Rotary club?

The most important motivators for a Rotary club to participate are:

  • Publicity
    • Newsworthy event which is a great source of publicity to promote your club in your community.
    • Supports recruitment of new Rotarians by engaging parents of children age 10-15.  This is one of the most important target groups for potential Rotarians.
  • Straightforward organization
    • A single club can organize it alone, or with other area clubs.
    • Can be managed by a small commission.
    • Fits the Rotary year,
  • Lots of Rotarian “Do” involvement for a one-day event.  For most members their commitment entails:
    • Support approaching schools and sponsors.
    • 1 hour in February to give a guest lecture to participating schoolchildren.
    • 3-5 hours on the day of the walk,  to help with the event.
  • Easiest way for a club to get involved in Water and Sanitation projects.
    • Support the Future Vision, and the mission of Wasrag
    • Team up with other clubs to support the same project and achieve even bigger project results.

What is #RWWI

#RWWI is a twitter-friendly abbreviation of Rotary Walking for Water International,

How it works

Each Rotary club organizes their own local walk using the standard material and support provided, with maximum opportunity to tailor it to local situations. The participating Rotary clubs are virtually joined together in “social fellowship” by common cause, messaging and timing. Together we are able to maximize the PR exposure and benefits to each club, and also magnify Rotary’s ability to impact the world through collectively supporting larger projects.


An overview of new projects you can support this year, and projects  Rotary has supported in the past is coming soon.

Each year there will be at least one Walking for Water project that is also a TRF Matching and/or Global Grant project.

If you are interested in becoming a funding partner, we’d love to talk to you. Please contact us at your convenience: Click here to contact us.


  • In the Netherlands Rotary clubs have had great success over the past 10 years with the Fundraising formula “Walking for Water International” from Aqua for All and Akvo.
  • In 2002 the first Walking for Water event was held in the Netherlands, and since the beginning Rotary clubs across the Netherlands have been adopting this fundraising formula.
  • Since 2011 Rotary Apeldoorn ‘t Loo D1560 teamed up Rotary Chestfield, Kent, UK D1120 to hold simultaneous events raising significant funds for water projects in Tanzania and Malawi. This is the beginning of the international expansion of what they call “Rotary Walking for Water”.
  • 2012 & 2013: Rotary clubs from around the world are starting to join in and organize their own walks in the weeks around UN World Water Day (22 March). Campaign 2013 had Rotary involvement in New Zealand, England, Scotland, and Wales.  Rotary Walking for Water International was represented at the International Rotary Conference in Lisbon, Portugal in June 2013, drawing significant interest from attendees.

Links to supporting information

Social media sites

Information to build awareness and support within the club

Wasrag: Steps for developing a successful water project Download Powerpoint from
Wasrag: Getting People Talking About Water Download PDF
Wasrag: Interested in a Water Project? Download PDF

More video’s, photo’s and media from other events

RC Apeldoorn ‘t loo: Wandelen voor Water 2010 YouTube video
RC Apeldoorn ‘t loo: Wandelen voor Water 2011 YoutTube video
Photo’s from Apeldoorn ‘t Loo 2011 Flickr slideshow

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